Nassau DuraOcean Recyclable Dining Set


Sustainable design and manufacturing need not come at the cost of aesthetics; the Nassau range delivers innovation both in its look and feel, but also in its environmental impact. Our Duresin® plastic was specially designed for the outdoors and is produced free from harmful chemicals and like the rest of the materials used in the collection, can be recycled with zero-waste or damage to the environment. The Nassau range has the ability to illuminate and enliven your garden space, bringing a touch of the Caribbean to your doorstep.

This chair is 100% made with recycled plastics originating from marine material – mainly consisting of ropes that have been safely prevented from polluting the oceans, cleaned and turned into these beautiful chairs.

ModelNassau DuraOcean TableNassau DuraOcean® Carver Easy Chair
DimensionL70cm x W70cm x H72cmL54.4cm x W54.8cm x 79.8cm
MaterialDuraOcean® Recycled Ocean Plastic with Eucalyptus FSC leg
ColorGreen & Mint Green 
Weight3.8 kg4.8 kg
  • 100% made with recycled plastics
  • Zero waste. Entire chair can be disassembled and recycled again at the end of its lifecycle
  • Weather-resistant
  • Low-maintenance
  • Accordance with the EU laws that banned harmful chemicals (REACH)
  • Made in Vietnam
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